Using Earthmoving Equipment to Clear Your Backyard

Overhauling your backyard can increase how much time you spend in your garden and add value to your home. If you are wanting to landscape your yard to allow for more lawn, install a pool in for the kids or add a garden pond to attract native birds and wildlife, whatever your goal, you will need to clear at least part of your backyard before you can start. If shovelling isn’t for you, consider using earthmoving equipment. Whether you need bobcat hire in Mornington or earthmoving equipment hire in Somerville, Bittern Garden Supplies can help with any machinery you need to get your project done efficiently. Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you plan and tackle your yard clearing job.

Get Familiar with the Lay of the Land

Before you start any clearing or digging job, contact Dial Before You Dig. They will give the necessary information on utility cables and pipes that might be running underneath your yard. This will dictate the sort of work you’ll be able to do and let you know where you might need to avoid excavation or look into hiring experts to undertake certain aspects of the work.

Organise Your Equipment

Determine which type of machinery you will need. The size of your property and the scale of your project will determine exactly what machinery you need. A mini excavator or excavator, bobcat, mulcher or wood chipper are just a few things you might require. Earthmoving equipment hire may be an additional cost to your project budget but the savings you will make in time will far outweigh the expense.

Remove Any Trees and Stumps

Before removing any trees, keep in mind that every Australian council handles tree removal differently, so always check with your local council first before starting work. Depending on the size of trees, there a few options when it comes to getting them down. You could use an excavator with either a muncher add-on or saw add-on, depending on the sort of trees you’re dealing with. Alternatively, you can cut off the branches with a lopper, then use an axe or chainsaw to knock the trees down to a stump. Once you have just stumps remaining, depending on the size of the stumps and roots, you can either use a stump grinder, remove them manually or call in the professionals.

** For any trees taller than 5m or where it may present risk to yourself or your neighbours, you will need to hire a trained tree removalist or arborist.

Excavate Topsoil

Once you have trees out of the way, you can use an excavator or bobcat to clear out remaining foliage and excavate the topsoil. Whether you are planning to lay down fresh lawn, build a shed, driveway, pool or a paved entertaining area, the dig depth will depend on what you planning to do with the space.

Fill, Level and Compact Soil

Once you’ve excavated the site to the right depth, you can fill the site with the desired soil, loam, or clean fill, then level and compact the soil with a compactor.

Dispose of Garden Waste and Excess Soil

For excess soil, you can take it to the tip or find a company that collects clean fill. When it comes to garden waste disposal, there are a few different options. If you have a lot of waste, you can dump it at a tip. If there isn’t much (leaves, plants, wood) you can place it into your green bin. Another option is to process your garden waste through a mulcher, which will give you mulch to use later on. Finally, check with your local council as they sometimes offer free pick-up of green waste at certain times of year.

Whatever the project you have in mind, even for something as small as clearing and levelling a small area that you want to pave, there is often a lot more work and time involved and the best way to ensure your project is completed quickly and efficiently is with earthmoving equipment hire. For the best bobcat hire Mornington Peninsula locals trust for their landscaping projects, contact Bittern Garden Supplies today. Call our team on (03) 5983 9779 or get in touch with us online.