Top Tips for Maintaining a Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways are appealing to many Mornington Peninsula homeowners for a variety of reasons. Versatile in terms of style and colour, quick to install, eco-friendly and highly affordable, gravel driveways are ideal for sprawling coastal and country properties. However, crushed rock driveways do require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to look and function their best. Read on for some simple maintenance tips to keep your gravel driveway in peak condition.

Rake Regularly

Gravel is a loose material so it will move over time, especially in climates which experience regular high winds and downpours. Consistent driving and walking over gravel will also cause some of it to be displaced. Similarly, sticks, rubbish and other debris can easily find their way from elsewhere onto the gravel driveway. A regular rake over will keep your driveway level and free of debris, it can also help even out the gravel and fill in any bare spots that may have developed from wind, rain, and/or traffic.

Repair Potholes

Potholes can naturally form on crushed rock driveways, and they can create drainage problems and bumpy driving conditions. If you notice any potholes, it’s important to fix them as they happen – don’t let them develop into deeper holes. Add new gravel into the hole in layers; Start with large coarse gravel into the bottom of the hole, then a layer of medium-sized gravel, followed by a top layer of smaller, crushed gravel. Ensure you compact the rock thoroughly between layers.

Grade Properly

You should aim to grade your driveway at least once or twice a year with a grader blade attachment on a tractor or by engaging the service of a local driveway service or expert in landscaping. Mornington Peninsula homes can rely on Bittern Garden Supplies for affordable crushed rock driveway maintenance, installation, and repairs. Grading should be done properly to ensure the best results, and we have all the equipment to ensure a high-quality finish.

Inhibit Weeds

Whilst most driveway bases are sprayed with a herbicide during construction as a preventative measure, these can fade or be washed away over time. As gravel driveways are permeable, its natural that grass and weeds can sprout though. You can combat this by spraying a non-toxic herbicide over the top of your driveway with a garden sprayer.

With regular maintenance, a gravel driveway can last for decades. Depending on how much rain you get and how much traffic the driveway experiences, you may only need to add a couple of inches of gravel every two to three years. A crushed rock driveway is the ideal choice for large Mornington Peninsula properties that require an affordable yet stylish driveway solution.

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As the trusted local supplier of high quality landscaping products and services, the team at Bittern Garden Supplies can help with everything you need to install, maintain, or repair a crushed rock driveway. With expert local knowledge, we will ensure your driveway is installed properly, taking into account soil type, drainage issues and water run-off. We can also help with grading, and crushed rock deliveries for DIY pothole repair. Get in touch with us online now or call us on 5983 9779.