Top Drainage Solutions to Prevent Flooding

Whether due to excessive rain, blocked drains, broken pipes or poorly planned drainage systems, flooding can occur for a variety of reasons and can result in considerable damage to a property, and even endanger lives. A simple way to minimise the risk of flooding is with proper drainage. As the trusted drainage contractors Mornington Peninsula locals rely on for efficient and affordable service for your house, the team at Bittern Garden Supplies is often asked about flood prevention. Read on for our helpful hints.

Have Your Drainage Professionally Designed

A well-designed drainage system is a smart investment. It may not be viable to redesign your entire landscape, but a drainage expert will be able to install a system around your existing topography.

Drains and trenches can direct surface runoff water and groundwater away from flood-prone areas and your home. The set-up of your gutter system might need to be redesigned as rainwater should be directed away from flood-prone areas as well.

Level Slopes

One of the most common landscape drainage solutions is to redirect incoming water by levelling any slopes that lead to your home. Professional drainage contractors will be able to locate the high and low points around your property and redirect rainwater away from your home. They will also be able to create swales (depressions that carry water from one area to another), following the contour of a slope. We can help with all the machinery you need to level slopes. To learn more about Bobcat hire, Moorooduc and Dromana locals should get in touch with us today.

Add Drainage Near Driveways

Concrete and paved driveways are impermeable so any water that hits the surface will run off. Excessive runoff can pose a major flooding risk to your home. It is often simple to add trenches, and channel drains alongside the driveway for controlled flood prevention.

Use Mulch to Slow Water Flow

Mulch can help to slow the flow of water. Adding compost or mulch to your soil not only makes your plants happier, and nourishes them, but it can also reduce runoff.

Create A Rain Garden

This is a garden which is planted in a slight depression in the ground. It collects water and allows it to slowly permeate into the soil. Water-loving plants and a base of permeable soil which has been enhanced with loam and mulch allows for large amounts of water to be quickly absorbed.

Repair Blocked and Damaged Drains

Ensure your drain pipes are clear and fix any collapsed drains so they function as they should. When there’s an obstruction in a drainage pipe or if the pipe has been damaged, the drain will not be able to take excess water away and you will soon find they will be overflowing.

Get in Touch To Discuss Landscape Drainage With Us

Victoria has seen unprecedented rainfall this year, and with La Nina staying around, it’s not likely to stop any time soon. Now is a great time to prepare your property for the heavy downpours expected in the coming months and even year ahead.

If you want to minimise the likelihood of flooding within your property, reach out to us today. As leading drainage contractors, we are here to help you prevent flooding. Contact us online or call 5983 9779 today.