Tips for Making a Small Backyard Appear Bigger

We can’t all have endless sweeping gardens or swimming pools in our own backyard—but a small backyard is a still a backyard and you don’t need acres to create a beautiful space in which to relax, entertain and enjoy the great outdoors. At Bittern Garden Supplies, we have all your Mornington landscaping supplies covered. Read ahead for a few tips and tricks to make a small space look bigger and help you get the most out of your small backyard.

Plan The Space

The first step is to measure your yard and make a plan. If you can’t afford to hire a landscape architect or garden designer with expertise in smaller yards, there are many apps and websites to assist you in creating a layout. A plan will enable you to make the most of your small outdoor space and you never know, you may even find you actually have room that you first thought.

Create Distinct Zones

You might be wondering why creating separate areas in a small yard is beneficial, however distinct zones actually open the space up and make it feel bigger. They key is organisation. A small yard with everything placed haphazardly looks cluttered, while the same space with dedicated zones helps the eye digests what it sees, making it appear bigger and more inviting. A great tip is to create three ‘rooms’, a dining area, relaxing area, and the garden area, with pathways connecting the spaces together.

Create a Focal Point

Positon a garden feature to create a prominent focal point in your backyard, this has a couple of benefits – first, it creates a theme for your backyard, allowing you to pick furniture, plants, and yard accessories that complement the focal point for a consistent look. The second benefit is that it creates an eye-catching diversion, drawing the eye to the feature and making the yard feel less cluttered overall.

Choose the Right Trees and Plants

Trees are one of the biggest and bulkiest additions to any backyard however that’s not to say you shouldn’t plant large trees in a smaller space. For a perfect fit, make sure you research different types of trees before planting or buying. Choose plants and trees that grow up instead of out. Taller, thinner shapes and dwarf varieties of shrubs will give you lush landscaping without overcrowding the space.

Use Vertical Gardens

Crowding a small yard with shrubs and flowers is guaranteed to clutter the space and make it look and feel small. Try to incorporate vertical elements which will help your yard claim this space for its own, enhancing the feeling of space. Grow your garden upwards with hanging baskets, wall-mounted flower pots, and extensive green walls. Not only adding to your garden without taking up ground space, vertical gardens draw the eye upwards, emphasising the height and giving an overall spacious feeling.

Play with Texture

Layers of plants, shrubs, and garden features add visual interest to a backyard. For homeowners with limited space to spare, texture also creates the same eye-catching affect. Choose plants with a variety of textures, like wispy ornamental grasses, plants with coarse leaves, and delicate petals. The key is to contrast fine textures with bolder elements. When arranging your flower beds, place the bolder varieties near the front to create an illusion of depth and don’t forget the hard elements of your garden design, as they have visual texture too. Fine gravel, bold concrete, large stone pavers or herringbone laid brick all provide stunning textural elements.

Create Curves

Straight garden features can often be visually boring and lack depth and dimension. To make the space appear bigger, experiment by winding and curving lines instead, whether it’s a garden path or landscape edging. Swirling shapes draws the eye, create a sense of movement and opening up the space.

Small backyards can actually be exciting areas to work in. With a little planning, considered planting, textural elements and a bit of creative thinking, you can create a visually stunning, intriguing and spacious feeling backyard. If you are looking for landscape supplies for your Mornington backyard, visit Bittern Garden Supplies today. With everything you need to transform your tired backyard into a landscaper’s delight, we are open 6 days a week and offer delivery across the Mornington Peninsula. Call us today on 5983 9779 or contact us online.