Tips for Creating a Dog Friendly Landscape Design

Creating a successful landscape design for your backyard involves understanding how all of your family members use your outdoor space, and that includes your four legged family members as well. Contrary to popular opinion, a beautiful backyard can exist with the presence of dogs; all it takes is a few simple considerations. Bittern Garden Supplies Mornington Peninsula, has everything you need to create the ideal dog-friendly landscape. Here’s a few tips to help you design a backyard that the whole family can enjoy, pets included.

Observe Your Dogs Regular Movements When Planning Your Design

When you let dogs outside, watch the route they take. Whether they run straight for the fence line, or dash for the back corner to do their business, watching their movements allows you to discover how they move around the space and then you can work those tracks into your design as garden pathways. Another thing to consider is that most dogs like to patrol the perimeter, so to ensure they don’t trample your freshly planted greenery, set plants back a few feet back from perimeter fences and paths. Finally, watch for areas where your dog likes to rest. Here you should ensure there is shaded area so they can escape the summer sun, either using strategically placed trees or a shade structure.

Choose Paw-Friendly Materials

Smooth, paw-friendly surfaces, such as light-coloured, heat-reflecting pavers are a great solution for pathways and entertaining areas. Pea gravel or crushed rock are also great options for pathways as they are small enough to be settled into an even surface, and they don’t absorb much heat, even in direct sun. Crushed rock is a cost effective option and is naturally deodorizing, while pea gravel has smooth, rounded edges, which reduces the risk of cutting or scraping puppy paws. When using mulch around plants in garden beds, avoid sharp-edged mulch that get can get stuck in hair and paws.

Think About Dog-Friendly Plants

Just because you have a dog, it doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the size, colour and variety of plants, you’ll just need to ensure you pick plants that are sturdy and resilient to dog activities. Avoid brittle plants that may break easily and plants with sharp foliage, thorns or spines, which can injure your pooch. Hardy plants such as ornamental grasses are a great way to section-off zones or protect areas that are off-limits. Steer clear of plants that are toxic to dogs if eaten, these include plants such as Aloe Vera and Azaleas. Coastal natives are adapted to strong winds and tolerate drought and salt sprays, making them excellent choices that hold their own against the leaps and bounds of excited pooches and vigorously wagging tails.

Opt for Pet-Tolerant Ground Covers

Every dog-friendly yard needs grass, but deciding which grassy ground cover suits your backyard best can be difficult. Most dog owners are familiar with brown spots caused by dog urine, and wear and tear from dog traffic. Not all grasses will stand up to this challenge, and many are best left to pet-free homes. However, there are options available that will still allow you to have a lush lawn that everyone can enjoy. Look for drought-tolerant, fast-growing and resilient grasses and whatever you do, choose real turf over artificial options. You may think that artificial turf will keep your yard green and spot-free, but artificial turfs retain some urine and dog poo until it’s cleaned away. That means not only putting picking up the poop, but disinfecting, deodorizing, and washing artificial grass to prevent bacteria and odours. Artificial lawn can also heat up in the summer which could lead to burned paws and heat exhaustion. Natural grass will not need additional cleaning and has a cooling effect, making it a lower-maintenance and healthier option for families with furry friends.

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