Things You Can Do Around Your Home to Prepare for Bushfire Season

There’s no denying that living in or close to the Australian bush is idyllic and beautiful, however, it does come with some risks that require homeowners to be extra vigilant throughout the hot summer months. With summer fast approaching, spending some time now to tidy up and prepare your home and garden will help to ensure the greatest protection for you and your family. Bittern Garden Supplies is the Mornington garden supplies centre known for quality products, friendly service and affordable prices. All Victorians who lives near bushland, grassland or the coast must do what they can to prepare their property for bushfires. Here are a few ways to make sure you are bushfire-ready this summer.

Clear Trees and Vegetation

Trimming low lying branches two metres from the ground surrounding your home and reducing the vegetation around your property is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home safer in a bushfire. Before you cut down and clear trees, check if you require any permits form your local council. If you live in a rural or regional area, you may not need a permit but it’s always best to check. Depending on where you live, the 10/30 rule and the 10/50 rule might apply:

The 10/30 rule for existing dwellings allows landowners to clear without a planning permit:

1. any vegetation, including trees, within 10 metres of your house

2. any vegetation (except for trees) within 30 metres of your house.

The 10/50 rule for existing dwellings in all areas in Victoria within the Bushfire Management Overlay, allows landowners to clear without a permit:

1. any vegetation, including trees, within 10 metres of your house

2. any vegetation (except for trees) within 50 metres of your house.

Check Your Roof

  • Replace any missing or damaged roofing or tiles and seal any gaps
  • Clear leaves from gutters, roofs and downpipes
  • Fit gutters with quality metal leaf guards

Get the Mower Out Regularly

Long grass can help a fire spread fire faster, so make sure you mow your grass regularly, both in the front and back yards. If possible, try to keep your lawns watered with a sprinkler each day to prevent them drying out too much.

Create Firebreaks with Pavers and Pebbles

Garden edging is a great way to create a fire resistant barrier and a defendable space in your property. Use edging made of stone such as tiles, pavers and pebbles to separate garden beds and to create breaks amongst potential fire fuel.

Remove Any Material Piles from Your Property

Do not deposit piles of tree branches, grass clippings and other materials that could aid a fire on your property, make sure they are disposed of correctly. Large piles of potentially flammable material can accelerate a fire quickly. If you must keep a wood pile or pile of garden mulch, ensure it is well away from your home, shed or other buildings.

Avoid Clutter

Pack up and store toys, play equipment, furniture and other objects away from outdoor spaces near your home. Not only can these promote fire acceleration, they can also be a dangerous hazard for fire fighters and your family during an emergency.

Choose Plants Wisely

When planting new trees and shrubs in your garden or near your home, choose types that have a lower oil content and conserve moisture, and can serve as a wind break by absorbing and deflecting radiant heat from the fire and act as a barrier to flying sparks and embers. Consult your local Mornington garden supplies centre for expert advice.

Use Crushed Rock or Gravel Around Your Plants

While organic mulch or loose-leaf cover is great for retaining moisture in the soil and promoting plant growth, they can also easily fuel fires. If you are in a bushfire prone area, you could use crushed rock or gravel around the bottom of plants in your garden instead.

With the bushfire season fast approaching it’s important to make changes to your property so it can survive a bushfire. For more advice, consult your local council or fire authority. If you are looking for high quality garden supplies or Bobcat hire Mornington to help prepare your home for summer, get in touch with the team at Bittern Garden Supplies today. Give us a call on 5983 9779 or enquire online now.