The Importance of Good Drainage

When determining a new garden or landscape design, it’s easy to focus on planning plants, pots, and pathways. However, good drainage is a critical component of any design, and it goes a long way in improving both the aesthetics and function of any landscape. Furthermore, beautifying a landscape or garden can be entirely wasted if it erodes or drowns due to improper drainage. As experienced drainage contractors, Mornington Peninsula homeowners and landscapers can trust us for sensible drainage solutions that will stop soil run off, stagnant puddles, and lower the risk of flooding around your home. Read on to find out why adequate drainage is so important.

Proper Drainage Will Remove Water Quickly

When water is removed efficiently, it minimises the risk of damage to your lawn, landscape, or home. With a functional drainage system, you will not have to worry about your lawn or landscapes becoming oversaturated, erosion of your garden, or sinking or shifting house foundations.

  • Soil runoff from excessive water will carry landscaping away with it.
  • Erosion can even decrease the value of the property by lessening yard area and creating sloping ground.
  • Oversaturation will drown grass and other plants.
  • Puddles of still water can easily become a breeding ground for unwanted insects like mosquitoes.
  • Sinking foundations can make a building unsafe to inhabit and lead to expensive home repairs.

Effective drainage is often overlooked in landscape design, but it is a crucial way to keep that design looking beautiful for years to come.

Invest in a Professionally Designed Drainage System

Drainage systems can be complicated and should only be handled by professional drainage contractors. Mornington Peninsula is prone to heavy rainfall, so it’s essential to choose a local drainage specialist who understands the climate in the region. The team at Bittern Garden Supplies is here to discuss a range of drainage options with you and find one that best fits your needs and budget. We will then design and implement the ideal drainage system to suit your property and landscape.

A Proper Drainage System Prevents:

  • Erosion – When it rains, soil is displaced from garden beds to other areas of your yard. If drainage is poor, over time this displacement can cause issues with soil depth which can cause damage to your landscaping.
  • Pooling of Water – Puddles in your yard not only create dangerous and muddy surfaces, but they also drown your lawns and plants. Additionally, stagnant puddles of water aren’t visually appealing, and they can attract pests, and cause mould.
  • Water Damage – While poor drainage can damage your landscaping, it can also cause significant damage the foundations of your home. Excess water that can’t drain away can force its way you’re your foundations, impacting their integrity and resulting in water leaks inside your home.

Reach Out to Learn More About Drainage

Some yards may need a more intense drainage system then others; Some require a sump pump, while others can use gravity to divert the water. If drainage problems are causing issues around your property, get in touch with us today. We offer a specialised drainage service to solve a wide range of problems, as well as reliable and affordable excavator hire. Mornington locals should contact us online or call 5983 9779 to find out more.