The Benefits of Shopping at a Local Garden Supply Centre

While it’s tempting to visit the closest big box hardware store for all your gardening needs, is it the best way to create the garden you want? Big box stores with in-built garden centres may provide a huge range of inventory, but if you’re unsure which products to use or if you need any gardening advice, you’ll be hard-pressed finding staff members available to help, and those that are there very rarely have much knowledge on the topic. At Bittern Garden Supplies, we are the trusted garden supply centre for Mornington, Moorooduc, Hastings and Mornington Peninsula locals. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help you with your landscaping needs. Read on to see the great benefits of making a local garden supply centre your one-stop gardening shop.

They Know Local Conditions

Staff at local garden centres are usually gardeners themselves and have experience with the local climate, soils, and plant types. Local garden centre staff will listen to your questions and give you honest answers steering you to the right plants, fertilisers, mulch types, tools and accessories to enable you to create an amazing garden within your budget.

You’re Supporting the Local Community

Many garden centres source and grow a number of their own products and what they can’t do themselves they purchase from other local vendors. By supporting a local, small business you’re keeping more of your money in your own community.

The Offer Expert Advice

When you need professional help selecting the right garden supplies for your landscaping project, the staff at your local garden supply centre will be more than happy to help you bring your vision to life. At big box hardware stores, not only is hard to find staff members to help you, it’s even harder to find a staff member that can give you expert advice you need.

They Provide Great Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, and while big chain stores have regular catalogues and special promotions, your local garden centre is going to be in competition with them, and so they’ll be cutting just as many deals if not more to secure a sale. With more selection all around, and seasons coming and going, your local garden centre often has products priced to sell, so you’re likely to get some amazing deals at times.

What Else Can a Good Local Garden Centre Can Offer You??

There are many things local garden supply centres can offer you that other places may not, or simply cannot provide. Such things include:

Rocks – a selection of rocks are one thing that garden centres stock in abundance. There is usually a section for all of your staple coverings, such as large and medium sized river rocks, pea stones, crushed stones, gravel, and many other types of rocks that can be used for driveways, borders, garden accents and patios.

Bulk Soil, Mulch & Fertilizers – While you can get soil from a hardware store in small or even large bags, but if you’re looking to buy it in bulk, then a garden centre should be your first port of call.

There are different types of soil such as potting soil for indoor and outdoor plants, sod for your lawn or garden, peat moss, manure, and more. A fully stocked garden centre will have all your soil, mulch and fertiliser needs covered in any quantity you need – and deliver it straight to your door!

Services – whether you are installing a driveway, wanting trees removed, need a site cut done or you need the help of landscaping professionals, your local garden supply centre will offer a complete range of earthmoving and landscaping services to help you get the job done.

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a home gardener, make Bittern Garden Supplies your number one choice for landscaping materials including crushed rocks, toppings and dust, sands and soils, mulches and firewood. From large commercial sites to your own backyard, we have you covered with a large range of quality products and services to suit your every need and budget. Visit us today or give us a call on 5983 9779. .