Spring Landscaping Projects that Are Worth the Time and Effort

Spring is in full swing and there’s no better time to complete a few landscaping projects to ensure your yard is perfect for summer living and entertaining. As a trusted choice for affordable landscape supplies, Mornington Peninsula locals rely on us for fast, friendly, and reliable service. Spring is a busy time for us, but we are ready to help you complete all of your gardening projects – big or small!

Here’s 5 jobs you can do around the house this spring that will definitely pay off come summer.

Build a Fire Pit

While you may not necessarily associate summer with an open fire, Victoria’s coastal locations often have the luxury of a cool, sea breeze at the end of a hot summer day. One of the hottest trends in landscaping right now are fire pits. Creating one in your backyard now will mean you can host fabulous summer parties in the great outdoors all night long! You can construct a simple firepit easily with the right materials and equipment and settle around it all year round to enjoy the crackling sounds and cosy ambience. Remember to keep your firepit away from heat sensitive plants, patios, decks, and other flammable materials.

Create a Sandpit

Better weather makes it much easier for the kids to get off their screens and play outdoors. However, how often do you hear “I’m bored”? A sandpit is the perfect solution for kids of all ages. Find a space in your yard, construct a frame from some timber sleepers, pavers, or whatever material you like, then arrange for a delivery of white wash sand. Add some toys and sit back and relax as the children spend hours making extravagant sand creations.

Pave an Unused Area

Do you have a space in your backyard that sits idly all year round with no particular use? Don’t let the weeds take over, transform it into a multifunctional space that can be used as an additional seating area, a place for the kids to bounce balls, or zone where you can put a portable hammock or egg chair. For a large space, it’s worthwhile to consider hiring earthmoving equipment. Mornington Peninsula is home to many houses with sloping sites, excavate the area so it’s level, add a layer of sand and then lay your pavers. Easy! Not only will this result in another usable space, but it will improve the aesthetics of your yard and add significant value to your property.

Mulch Your Garden Beds

This job should be at the top of every homeowners spring to-do list. Re-mulching your garden beds in spring will protect your plants from the harsh summer sun. Mulch helps soil retain moisture so doing it now will mean you won’t need to water your plants as much when the days get hotter. This saves you time, and will help to reduce your water bills, saving you money. Mulching also blocks sunlight, so applying it in spring will make it challenging for weeds to germinate in summer. This will have your garden looking weed-free and wonderful for your summer party plans.

Start Xeriscaping

A term that may be unfamiliar to many, but xeriscaping simply refers to gardening/landscaping that drastically reduces or sometimes even eliminates the need for irrigation and watering. Spring is the ideal time to do this, that way when summer rolls around you will not need to worry about watering or stress about protecting heat-sensitive plants. The best bit? Minimal irrigation means minimal water bills! Xeriscaping makes use of appropriate plant design, which essentially means using plants native to the soil, including grasses, shrubs and plants that have a history in area, and are naturally adjusted to the local climate. These plants will thrive more easily and require considerably less maintenance and water. 

Need Mulch, Sand, or Bobcat hire? Hastings Locals Can Rely On Us

No matter what type of landscaping project you want to tackle this spring, the team at Bittern Garden Supplies has all your needs covered. From sand and stones to screenings and even complete site cuts, Mornington Peninsula homes can trust us for affordable services and high quality gardening products. Find out more online now or get in touch with us by calling 5983 9779.