Add Style to Your Landscape with Decorative Rocks and Pebbles

Looking for garden pebbles or landscaping rocks on the Mornington Peninsula? Bittern Garden Supplies stocks a wide range of decorative stones and pebbles for any landscaping project.

Supplying landscapers and home owners across the Mornington Peninsula, our range of landscaping pebbles and rocks guarantees a unique and special product to suit your requirements. No matter your desired look, we can provide stunning large feature rocks, white ice pebbles, grey rocks, river pebbles and rocks and more. Whether they are for a commercial or domestic landscaping job, ornamental purpose or home garden, we can supply a large range of natural garden pebbles and rocks to complement any landscape design.

Ordering Rocks and Pebbles

Offering same day delivery and bulk lot pricing, there’s no better place to purchase landscaping rocks than Bittern Garden Suppliers. There’s a few you should keep in mind when ordering your supplies:

  • Landscape decorative stones and pebbles are natural products, and as such their colouring can vary from load to load. To guarantee a perfect match, buy in one batch.
  • Landscaping pebbles, stones, gravel and rocks come in different sizes and shapes. Many are suitable for paths or driveways, while others are better suited to paths and garden beds.
  • For driveways, driving on rounded stones or pebbles is not recommended, especially if the driveway is on a hill. Use crushed pebbles and rocks for the ultimate traction.
  • The larger the pebble size, the greater the quantity you will need to cover an area.
  • We also suggest a minimum depth that is double the pebble size.

If you need any assistance or advice on which rocks to order or the quantity you’ll need, give us a call and our friendly staff will be able to help you order the perfect load.

Shop Our Extensive Range of Landscape Rocks for Sale

Our wide range of garden pebbles and rocks is sure to cover all your needs for any landscaping project. Our offering includes:

  • Small, Medium and Large Grey Rocks
  • White Ice Pebbles
  • Landscape Rocks
  • Walling Stone
  • Toora Pebbles
  • White River Pebbles
  • River Rocks and Pebbles

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If you are looking for quality products, great advice and professional service, then give the team at Bittern Garden Supplies a call. A leading supplier of landscape materials, screenings, soil, sand and firewood on the Mornington Peninsula, we are your local choice for garden and landscaping supplies.