Preparing Your Garden for Spring

As temperatures slowly begin to rise and the winter frosts fade away, it’s a great time to get back into your yard and prepare your garden beds for flurry of spring growth. For high-quality landscape supplies, Mornington locals trust Bittern Garden Supplies. Our staff are always ready to help with friendly service and expert advice, so here’s a few of our tips to help you prepare your garden for a bumper spring season.

Tidy Up

Early spring is the best time to clean up after winter, so get out the rake and the broom and remove any leaves, debris, and weeds. Trim path edges, clean drains and check your irrigation system for parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Now is also the perfect time to create that new garden bed you’ve always wanted, replace tired garden edging, update your pathways with new pavers or pebbles, and make any repairs to your outdoor entertaining areas, ready for easy outdoor living in the upcoming warmer months

Prune Back Old Growth

Cut away any dead wood and trim back any unwanted branches, as this will help fortify your trees and shrubs against pests and diseases and allow new shoots and buds the space and light they need to thrive. If you haven’t already pruned your roses, you can do this too, just make sure the buds haven’t started to show. 

Nourish the Soil

Once your garden beds are free from weeds and winter growth, you need to prepare the soil so that it can provide all the nutrients your new and existing plants need to establish roots, grow, and thrive. Dig in and spread compost over your soil – organic compost is the basis healthy soil as it provides nutrition and improves soil slowly and safely. It also helps with water retention and aeration.

Add Mulch

Once your soil is well-nourished and moist, a thick layer black, red, or leaf mulch will help to conserve moisture and save you time and money on watering as the weather heats up. Mulch also helps to keep weeds to a minimum and it gives your garden a polished, finished look. Be careful not to mulch too closely around tree trunks and plant stems. For expert advice on the amount of mulch you need or how to mulch correctly, feel free to ask our helpful team. As the local garden and soil suppliers Mornington Peninsula relies on, we are here to help with any enquiries you may have.

Start Spring Planting

With the weather beginning to warm up and your garden beds ready to go, late August and early September is the perfect time for planting a vast array of new plants and seedlings. Planting now will ensure you can enjoy a blooming garden full of summer colour and fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies. In September, you can start planting lettuce, tomatoes, leeks, cucumbers, spring onions, summer beans and sweet corn, however, crops like basil, beets, capsicums, parsnip, and potatoes will have to wait until October or November when the weather is a little warmer.

If you are looking for Main Ridge garden supplies or mulch supplies in Mornington, Bittern Garden Supplies is your leading choice. Servicing the Mornington Peninsula for over 25 years, you will find great prices on high quality landscaping products including soil, sand, screenings, mulch and more. We can also help with a wide range of professional services including driveways, dam construction, drainage, and earthmoving equipment. From black mulch to bob cat hire, Hastings and surrounding suburbs should get in touch with us today. Enquire online or call 5983 9779.