Planning a New DIY Driveway

A driveway adds to the functionality and visual appeal of your property, ensuring your home is inviting for guests and easily accessible for parking and any foot traffic, so getting it right is important. A new driveway can be costly, but with the right advice and supplies it’s a job that you can do yourself. If you are considering DIY driveway installation and repairs, Bittern Garden Supplies has everything you need to get the job done properly. Let’s take a look at a few planning considerations that will ensure the best result for your time and budget.

Start by Asking Yourself the Below Questions

  • What is your budget?
  • What are the estimated dimensions of your driveway?
  • How much parking do you require?
  • Are you looking to add plants, flowers, and shrubs for aesthetic purposes?
  • Does your area experience frequent flooding?
  • Are you willing to maintain it or would you prefer to lay down a driveway you can just forget about?

Driveway Materials

Once you have figured out the answers, you can then look at the different types of materials that are available and determine which would work best for your requirements.

Gravel One of the easiest, fastest and most affordable DIY driveway materials is gravel. With very little prep work, all it takes is to buy it, dump it and spread it evenly. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes you can create a custom look to suit any style of property.

Concrete – A traditional material for driveways, concrete offers a cleaner aesthetic, is long-lasting, and requires very little maintenance. However, concrete is not for the inexperienced DIY-er. There is a lot of preparation required that must be done properly to ensure a professional result. When pouring concrete there is a lot to consider such as humidity levels, weather conditions and drying time, and if not installed correctly it could be prone to unsightly cracks.

Pavers – from bluestone and sandstone to concrete and clay brick, there’s a colour and style to suit almost any home. Laid on a bed of sand or crushed rock, pavers are available in many price ranges from budget-friendly to high-end, and can be installed in a variety of patterns to create a bespoke look.

How Much Will a New Driveway Cost?

The price of a new driveway will vary greatly depending on the size of the area, the amount of preparation work needed, the material chosen and the installation costs. Choosing to do the work yourself will save you money, but with insufficient knowledge and experience the end result may not be as good as it would have been if it was installed by professionals.

Can I Create a Driveway If I Don’t Already Have One?

If you need a drop kerb (crossover) to access your new drive, you will need to apply for planning permission from your local authority. This because the kerb may also need strengthening to protect any services buried underground. Generally, you won’t need planning permission for the driveway itself if it consists of a permeable surface that allows water to drain through, such as crushed rock, gravel, permeable concrete block paving or porous asphalt. Before starting any works, it is best to contact your local council to check if planning permission is needed.

At Bittern Garden Supplies, we supply the materials and provide an installation service for commercial and domestic crushed rock driveways, car parks and drainage solutions throughout Mornington Peninsula. Our team has the local knowledge needed to install your driveway right from the outset and we strive to provide affordable, a long-lasting driveway solutions. Whether you need crushed rock for your Hastings DIY driveway or a company to complete your new gravel driveway installation in Mornington, get in touch with us today by calling 5983 9779.