Feed and Protect Your Garden with Mulch and Organic Compost

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We offer a broad mulch product range for Mornington Peninsula landscapers, gardeners and home owners.

The garden mulch supplied by Bittern Garden Supplies is organic material made from timber off-cuts from sawmills and by-products of tree removal and trimming. Spread or laid over the surface of the soil, mulch has many amazing benefits. Our mulch product range includes eucalyptus mulch, black mulch, mushroom mulch, organic compost and more – designed for gardens and landscaping projects of all sizes and styles.

The Many Benefits of Mulch

Mulch not only looks great in garden it also serves a purpose. Enhancing the visual appeal of any type of garden or landscape design, it also keeps plants healthy and is an essential tool for a thriving garden. Garden mulch:

  • Saves water
  • Controls weeds
  • Protects plants against changing weather conditions
  • Discourages pests
  • Minimises soil compaction and erosion
  • Adds nutrition to the soil as it decomposes

The experts at Bittern Garden Supplies are able to give you advice on mulch styles and colours and can assist in deciding on the quantity of mulch required. Give us a call today on (03) 5983 9779.

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Choose from a wide selection of garden mulch supplies for home gardens and commercial landscape projects. The colour or style of your mulch can change the entire look and feel of your garden, so we offer a range to suit all styles and designs.

Selecting mulch is a matter of personal preference and budget. As a general rule, when choosing a mulch type keep in mind that the finer the mulch the quicker it will break down into the soil. We stock a wide range of mulches available bulk by the cubic metre or in handy bags.

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