Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

No matter how big or small your backyard is, you want to be able to enjoy it, not be a slave to it. At Bittern Garden Supplies, we are leading local choice for garden supplies in Red Hill, Moorooduc and surrounding areas and we understand the importance of a low maintenance yard for busy, time poor homeowners. Follow our easy landscaping ideas so you have more time for outdoor leisure instead of weeding, mowing and other garden maintenance.

Choose Pavers Instead of Lawn

Decorative and practical, pavers can make an impressive design statement in your backyard, and once installed are very low maintenance as they require little or no care besides a hose down every once in a while. Great for making small spaces appear bigger, you can use pavers to create a pathway or pave the whole backyard. Traditional house styles tend to go well with more natural pavers, while modern houses might be better suited to large rectangular or square pavers.

Use Rocks and Pebbles

A perfect, versatile tool for creating a low-maintenance outdoor space, rocks and pebbles are available in an array of different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Use them to create walkways, or group them together to form decorative landscaping features, you can even lay out stones to be ornamental dry creek beds or use them to create a stone wall.

Add A Small Water Feature

The larger the feature, the more work that is required so opt for something small like a koi pond or a little fountain. A small water feature is a great way to add character to a small space, and with the addition of low maintenance water plants you can add some greenery to your yard that will care for itself.

Install an Irrigation System                                                     

An irrigation system will do all the hard work for you to keep yard looking amazing. Simply set the timer and let the system do the rest. Relatively cost-effective to install in a small outdoor space, and with the continual technology updates, irrigation systems have become more and more efficient. Different zones in your yard may have different watering needs based on soil type, sun, shade and plantings so choose a system with features that allow you to control the watering type by zone and season. Using a controlled irrigation system can help you cut water costs while giving your plants what they need to survive.

Choose Native Plants

Native plants tend to need less fertilizer, water and overall care than plants that originated in other regions or climates. Once planted, they need little attention so are perfect for low maintenance yards. If you need advice, contact your local garden supplies centre to learn what natives will do best in your growing conditions. Many natives thrive in pots, shady courtyards and hanging baskets so they are a great solution for smaller outdoor spaces.

Add Colour Without Using Flowers

Colour is the secret to a stunning backyard, but that doesn’t mean you need to plant a garden full of labor-intensive flowers which may need your attention on a daily basis. Choose bright pots, outdoor furniture or sculptures — anything that sits there and looks lovely whilst requiring little care and maintenance. Pops of colour can transform a dull backyard into something spectacular, and can draw the eye to otherwise unused areas of the yard.

There are many low-maintenance landscaping solutions out there suitable for any backyard, by using a little creativity and conducting some research you will find the best ways to make the most of your outdoor space. For everything you need to create the perfect easy-to-care-for yard, contact Bittern Garden Supplies for all low your garden supplies and landscaping products today.