Jobs You Can Do in Your Garden This Weekend

With Winter coming to an end and Spring fast approaching, it’s the approaching that time of year where many families want to spend their days outside together getting some much needed vitamin D. It’s also a great time to get into your garden and get it ready for lots of play, relaxation and entertaining over the warmer months. At Bittern Garden Supplies, we have all the gardening supplies you need to get your garden looking great, from Mornington to Moorooduc. Our expert team are here to help you get every landscaping or gardening job done promptly and efficiently. All gardens great and small need maintenance, and the change from winter to spring is the ideal time to get stuck into it. Here’s a few simple tasks the whole family can do in a weekend.

A Thorough Clean Up

As we move into spring, it’s a good idea to rake up any dead leaves, and remove weeds and other debris that has accumulated on the soil surface throughout winter. You may now want to get your shed in order too. Ensure all tools are clean and sharp and in their place, ready for spring maintenance. Tidying your garden makes it ready to welcome new spring growth and makes it a more inviting space to enjoy when the sun comes out.

Add Fresh Mulch

Once you have removed the debris and winter weeds, you should increase the nutrients in the soil and give your garden a beds a freshen up with a new layer of mulch. Bittern Garden Supplies stocks a wide range of quality and affordable mulch for Mornington Peninsula locals and our team will gladly assist with the most appropriate mulch and garden supplies for your garden.

Prune Your Rose Bushes

Winter is the perfect time to get your roses spring ready. Remove any dead, damaged or diseased branches. Reduce shrub roses by up to a third and climbing roses can be cut back by two-thirds, removing dead branches at the base. Many other trees and shrubs could also use a good pruning at this time of year so take a look at the other plants in your garden and prune back any old or dead wood which will help to promote healthy new growth.

Get Your Veggie Plants Ready for Spring

Now is a great time to sow vegetables into modules and let them grow into healthy plants in your greenhouse. Once the ground has warmed up during spring, the plants will be ready to be transported to their final growing positions. Let the whole family join in and choose their favourite seasonal vegetables and fruits, this a great way to encourage healthy eating and foster a love of gardening.

Maintain Water Features

Now is the ideal weather conditions to give any water features their annual round of post-winter maintenance. Clear out ponds by removing planting baskets and fish (keep them in buckets of old pond water), bail out the water, remove any sludge and refill with fresh water. Rainwater is best, but if you don’t have access to a tank, fill it with tap water and let it stand for a week before putting fish back in. Plant new pond plants or add feature rocks or pebbles from your local garden supply centre.

Got a Job That’s Too Big for the Weekend?

While there are many maintenance jobs that you can DIY, some jobs may need a professional touch.

So if you’re looking to add paving or crushed rock for paths or patios, build a new retaining wall or implement efficient drainage and irrigation systems, Bittern Garden Supplies can assist with the design, material and construction of a wide range of landscaping projects. For the highest quality garden supplies Shoreham and Somerville locals rely on, affordable prices and expert advice, get in touch with us today on 5983 9779 or enquire online now.