Increasing the Value of Your Property with New Driveway

Whether or not you are looking to sell, every homeowner wants their property to have the greatest value possible. A simple and cost-effective way to improve aesthetic appeal and increase property value is with a new driveway. Bittern Garden Supplies is home to a team of driveway paving contractors Red Hill locals rely on for a high quality driveway service. Here we will look at the importance of a driveway and how a new one can improve the overall value of your home.

It Improves Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to “the visual attractiveness of a house or property as seen from the street”. It helps to create a positive first impression, and the greater the curb appeal, the greater the value of the property. A new driveway is a great way to lift the appearance of your property, it will draw the eye to your house and create a warm and inviting feel. A well-presented driveway also sends the message that you care for and maintain your home which really helps to add value.

It Increases Convenience

A new driveway offers the ultimate in convenience. Drive smoothly up to your front door without the worry of driving over pot holes, or getting stuck in mud. Step out of your vehicle onto a clear surface and enter your home without bringing excess dirt inside. Design your driveway so you can drive seamlessly into your garage, or install a carport for additional undercover parking.

It Improves Safety

Having your car parked securely in your driveway instead of on the side of the road is so much safer. Not only will your vehicle have greater protection from thieves and accidents, it will also improve the safety of your family as they enter and exit the car safely on your own property. An increase in safety has a number of benefits including lower insurance premiums and a greater appeal to buyers if or when you decide to sell.

It Provides a New Landscaping Opportunity

A new driveway gives you the chance to enhance your front yard and entrance with a fresh new landscaping design. You can choose to define both sides with a row of trees or create picturesque garden beds full of fragrance and colour. Any new landscaping you incorporate into your driveway design will maximise the value added.

How Much Value Will a New Driveway Add

The exact amount of added value can fluctuate depending on various factors including the location of your property, the type of driveway material selected and the surrounding landscape design. Much of your home’s perceived value is derived from how appealing it would be to buyers if you decided to sell. So, whether or not you are planning to put your property on the market, if you’re looking to install a new driveway it’s important to think about how it will appeal to the majority of people. This will ensure your new driveway adds the maximum amount of value to your home.

Which Material Should I Choose?

There are many different options when it comes to selecting a driveway material, including gravel, block paving, brick paving, concrete and asphalt to name a few. One of the easiest and most affordable options is crushed rock or gravel, as it requires less pre-installation work, is low maintenance and provides excellent drainage. Concrete, asphalt and other paving options may be visually attractive but they require a more labour-intensive installation and are therefore more expensive. When selecting a material, there’s many factors to take into consideration including your budget, the style of your home, the look you want to achieve, the driveway length and whether or not your property is sloped.

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