How to Prepare Your Soil for New Turf

There’s nothing better than a perfect, lush green lawn, but achieving is this is easier said than done. Before any turf goes down, you need to put in the right site and soil preparation, as this will make sure the turf roots have the right soil to establish themselves properly. At Bittern Garden Supplies, we are the leading soil suppliers on the Mornington Peninsula and we can supply all the soil, compost and fertilisers you need, as well as provide expert advice on preparing your soil and laying your turf to ensure the best result. Here’s our guide that should give you the information you need to prepare your soil to create the perfect lawn.

Remove Existing Turf and Weeds

You can do this by using a rotary hoe or shovel to turn the top layer of soil over. If the ground is extremely compact or if your soil has a clay base, you may need to hire a bobcat to help with the compaction, you should also apply gypsum to the under soil so the roots can grow through this layer.

Clear Away Any Other Debris

It’s important to remove anything which might get in the way of your new turf such as stones, sticks, large rocks or building debris. Preparation is key to a smooth finish, if you miss any lumps and bumps, then they will show through on your final work.

Test the Soil

To ensure the success of your new turf, it’s important to make sure your soil contains everything the turf needs to survive and thrive. Testing the soil using a pH test kit will tell you if your soil is too acidic or too alkaline, then you can adjust accordingly using sulphur to lower the pH level or lime to raise the pH level. You could even remove the soil and replace it entirely if the pH level is of great concern.

Use a Good Quality Top Soil

Depending on the quality of your soil, and especially if you have any pH issues, your new turf may benefit from stripping back your existing soil and replacing it with new, high-quality top soil. If you do this, choose a quality soil and use a rake to spread it evenly to a depth of at least 75mm. A sandy soil will help to ensure it levels easily and drains well, however if it is too sandy then you might want to add an organic mix to ensure the top soil can retain valuable moisture and nutrients.

Level the Area

Once you have your soil sorted, level it as best you can. It’s a good idea to keep a gentle slope away from your home so surface water can drain away without pooling on your lawn. When levelling, it is also the best time to sprinkle the area with lawn fertiliser, this will ensure the new turf has all the nutrients it needs to establish and grow.

Once you’ve completed the preparation thoroughly, it’s time to lay your new turf. For the following 4-6 weeks, make sure the new turf is well watered and avoid walking on it. After that, you can reduce watering to encourage deep rooting of the new lawn, then sit back and admire your lush new turf.

If you need advice about soil preparation or for the highest quality soil and fertilisers, get in touch with the team at Bittern Garden Supplies today, we are the soil suppliers Mornington Peninsula locals rely on for first class garden supplies at affordable prices. Call us today on 5983 9779 or contact us online now.