How to Build the Perfect Sandpit

Children love sandpits, but don’t take them to the park or playground every time they want to get sandy! Create your very own backyard sandpit and give your kids a play area that you can monitor whilst they enjoy hours of outdoor fun. Building a sandpit is also an easy project that you can complete together with your children and do in the space of a weekend. Bittern Garden Supplies has everything you need to complete the job, from sleepers to sand. Here’s our guide to building a sandpit your kids will love.

Choose the right location

When choosing the site for your sand pit, take into consideration trees and weather conditions, in particular exposure to sun. Avoid building near fruit trees or trees that loose leaves frequently as you will then have the job of cleaning the sand pit of rotten fruit and masses of leaves. While some trees surrounding the area can provide shade from the hot Australian sun, too many trees can prevent heat and light from hitting the sand, keeping the sand damp. Try to select and area that has a good balance of greenery and sunlight.

Excavate the area

Once you have determined the location and size of the sandpit, excavate the selected area to about 200mm below the grass or finished sand level. Hiring a mini excavator will save you digging by hand. Dig out the top soil and add it to compost or scatter in the garden, then smooth over the surface so it is flat for the sand to sit on. If you have hard or clay subsoil, you may need to install a drainage pipe or deep hole in the middle of the pit to avoid drainage problems. A layer of gravel in your pit will also help with drainage. It’s a good idea to line the pit with weed mat to prevent the sand from mixing with other materials.

Use timber sleepers to define the area

Timber sleepers have the height and width to provide the perfect barrier between the sandpit and the rest of your lawn. Cut timber sleepers to your chosen measurements with a hand saw or circular saw and then lay them out to make the frame. Check that they are level and then fasten together using galvanized nails.

Fill the sandpit

Finally, you can fill the pit with sand. The sand should reach halfway up the sleepers. Rake the surface for a smooth finish and let the kids jump in and play away. Sand is generally available in to purchase in 20kg bags or you can request a delivery in the exact quantity you need.

Things to Consider When Building a Sandpit

  • Do not burn timber off cuts.
  • Wear an approved dust mask when cutting or sanding timber.
  • Ensure the sand pit is well drained, keeping it as dry as possible.
  • Sand pits should be covered when not in use, to prevent animals using it as a toilet. Shade cloth can be used to cover the sand pit. Plastic covers are not recommended as they keep the sand damp.
  • Make sure there is plenty of shade available over the sand pit to prevent sunburn.
  • Regularly rake over the sand to lift and remove dirt and rubbish. This also helps to air and disinfect the sand.

If you want to build a sandpit in your backyard this summer, the team at Bittern Garden Supplies has everything you need to get the job done. Conveniently located on the Mornington Peninsula, visit us today for high quality products or call our friendly team for expert advice.