Helpful Tips to Care for Your Lawn this Spring

A luscious, green lawn is the envy of the whole neighbourhood, and fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to make your lawn looks its best. If you are searching for lawn care tips to help you maintain your newly installed turf or to optimise growth of your existing grass, the team at Bittern Garden Supplies Mornington is here to help. Read on for our expert lawn care and maintenance advice.

Remove Weeds

To allow your lawn to flourish during summer, spring the perfect time to remove any pesky weeds, as well as thatch, and moss. These will all prevent your grass from growing healthily, and they can also detract from the visual appeal of your lawn. You can pull out weeds by hand, roots included, or use a gentle, low toxicity herbicide spray.

Thatch, which is a build-up of dead leaves, grass, and root systems can block or prevent essential moisture and nutrients from penetrating down to the roots of your turf. To remove it, rake up and dispose of any sponge-like material on your lawn. Moss can also reduce the ability of grass to grow, this can also be removed by raking.


  • When mowing, it’s important that you only remove one-third of the grass length. Mowing too short can cause the turf to become exposed to the environmental elements and resulting in irreparable damage.
  • Don’t mow the lawn if the grass is wet as this may damage the lawn and prevent healthy growth.
  • Don’t let your grass grow too long. Long grass prevents sunlight penetrating through to the surface of the turf. This may cause the lower portions of the grass blades to brown, which can encourage diseases and pests.


Don’t overwater your lawn. Spring is a difficult time when it comes to watering. The soil hasn’t completely warmed from winter and nights may still be cool. Burrow your finger down into the lawn, if it’s damp, don’t water. If your grass does require watering, do it at the beginning of the day to avoid moisture sitting on the grass overnight.


You should aim to fertilise your lawn twice a year, once in autumn and once in spring. The fertiliser you use will depend on the type of grass, the existing soil, and the local climatic conditions. Choose a slow-release fertiliser that will provide all the nutrients needed to reinvigorate the lawn, so it thrives in the hot summer months. If you are unsure about which fertiliser to choose, carry out a soil test to check what nutrients are lacking and then choose accordingly.

Most lawn grasses grown in Australia are warm season varieties that don’t do well over winter. To make sure your turf looks great and feels good underfoot for those summer barbeques and cricket matches, spring is the ideal time to rejuvenate your lawn so that it bounces back life.

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