FIREWOOD(Redgum Firewood Supplies)

Due to our ever expanding customer base, Bittern Garden Supplies now offers firewood sales by weight as an alternative to our regular cubic meter.

Weight Prices Red Gum Box Wood Mountain Ash
Per Tonne $340 $370 $220
1/2 Tonne $170 $185 $110


Type Price
Red Gum 1m3 $170
Mountain Ash 1m3 $110
Box Wood 1m3 $190
Red Gum 1m3 + Mountain Ash 1m3 $260
Red Gum 2m3 + Mountain Ash 1m3 $400
Red Gum 1m3 + Mountain Ash 1m3 + Box Wood 1m3 $400

Bulk Specials .*

Type Price
Red Gum 10m3* P.O.A
Box Wood 10m3* P.O.A
M/Ash 10m3* P.O.A

2m3 = 1 tonne approx.


Bittern Garden Supplies harvests all its own Red gum firewood from locations in
northern Victoria and Southern NSW.

We operate all year round with 90% of our red gum firewood supplies coming from clean-up operations. No green or live trees are harvested throughout our operations.

Bittern Garden Supplies run retail outlets on the Mornington Peninsula and Swan Hill. We also supply bulk loads across VIC, SA and NSW.

So if you need red gum firewood supplies, any size load, at any time, we have you covered.

Check out our specials or ring Shannon to do a deal.

The more you buy, the more you save.

Red gum heat value of 81%
Excellent long burning medium to high heat redgum firewood with low coal output suited to all types of fires. Clean bark free wood

Boxwood heat value of 95% to 100%
Three main types of boxwood, yellow, grey and red. Excellent long burning high heat firewood. *caution when using in combustion stove type fires

Mountain Ash heat value of 60% to 65%
Fast to medium burning firewood. Great for starting fires, very easy to split with straight grain, clean bark free wood.


1m3 Redgum $170
1m3 Boxwood $190
1m3 Mountain Ash $110