Fire Pit Safety Tips

On a cool, crisp winter evening there’s nothing better than warming yourself up next to roaring fire pit, listening to the sweet crackling sound and enjoying the company of family and friends. However, whenever fire is involved, there’s always an element of risk so it’s important to take a few steps to maximise safety. Bittern Garden Supplies is the leading choice for firewood and garden supplies on the Mornington Peninsula. To buy firewood, Red Hill, Mornington, and Frankston locals can rely on us for fast delivery and affordable prices. We can also offer expert advice on how to get the best flame and how to keep your fire pit safe. Read on to find out more.

Backyard Fire Pit Safety Is a Must

Fires of any kind can be dangerous and cause severe property damage and burns. If you have a fire pit in your backyard, it’s important to follow the below safety measures.

  • Ensure that your fire pit is an even surface, as this will reduce the risk of fire escaping on to the surrounding ground.
  • Your fire pit should be positioned so that is at least 3 metres away from any combustible structures or surfaces such as a house, garage, trees, fences, and more.
  • There should be nothing above the fire pit, like a tree branch or patio roof.
  • Never put your fire pit directly on a flammable surface, such as a timber deck.
  • When lighting your fire, check the wind direction and confirm it is not too windy to have a fire. Embers and flames can carry significant distances when windy and can easily spread to your home, trees, or nearby structures.
  • Always use dry wood such, kindling and matches to light your fire – NEVER use fuels such as petrol, lighter fluid, or kerosene. These dangerous fuels can cause your fire to get out of control fast. For dry and read-to-burn firewood, Mornington should contact our team today.
  • A fire pit should never be left unattended when in use.
  • NEVER leave children or pets unattended when they are close to a fire.
  • Avoid throwing anything into the fire pit such as paper or garbage, and especially flammable products. These can all throw off burning embers and cause harmful fumes.
  • Make sure to have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case the flame becomes uncontrollable. In the event that your fire becomes out of control, call 000 immediately.
  • Always ensure your fire is completely extinguished when you are finished with it. Use a garden hose or water bucket and gently sprinkle water into the fire. When the fire has turned to embers, mix the ash and embers with a shovel until you no longer hear any hissing. Once the ash is cold, dispose of it appropriately – NEVER dispose of hot ash in a bin.

Want the Best Fuel for Your Fire?

For unbeatable prices on high-quality firewood, Mornington Peninsula residents should get in touch with us today. We harvest all of our own red gum firewood from locations in northern Victoria and Southern NSW. Seasoned and ready to burn, our firewood is loaded with a grid bucket to best ensure clean and debris-free firewood. Frankston to Flinders, Somerville to Safety Beach – if you are located in these areas and want the best firewood, get in touch with Bittern Garden Supplies by calling 5983 9779 now.