Eucalyptus Mulch – What It Is and How It Can Benefit Your Garden

An organic mulch with a natural, earthy brown tone, Eucalyptus mulch is a fine gum tree mulch with no leaf matter that looks great in any landscape. The perfect choice for those looking for refined grade of mulch for a neater appearance, Euca garden mulch has attractive colouring and nutrient content, which provides a rich background for your garden, whilst offering many benefits to the growth and development of your plants. Bittern Garden Supplies is Mornington’s trusted garden centre, stocking a huge range of landscaping supplies and equipment for project of all types and sizes. Read on to discover more about one of our popular products, Eucalyptus mulch.

What is Eucalyptus Mulch?

A long-lasting organic mulch that decomposes slower than other varieties, Euca mulch is a sustainable product commonly used for a variety of garden and landscaping applications to improve soil condition, increase water retention and regulate soil temperature. Despite its slow decomposition, it is suitable for all plants as it does break down easily into the soil and releases vital nutrients promoting maximum plant growth and drainage.

How Should I Apply It to My Garden?

With its natural appearance, and suitability for wind prone areas and gardens on steep slopes, Eucalyptus mulch blends seamlessly into native and coastal Victorian landscapes. The recommended depth for applying this mulch varies depending on the main intended use.

Decorative use – it is recommended to use 50mm of Eucalyptus mulch across the entire garden.

Weed control and water retention – a minimum depth of is 75mm of across the garden is recommended. A depth of 100mm should not be exceeded as excessive mulching can suffocate the soil.

The size and type of your plants may also be a factor in determining the correct right. Seedlings, for example, can work their way through a thin layer of mulch, but too deep a layer could be impenetrable. Larger, more established plants can handle, and may even thrive with, a thicker layer.

When Should I Add Eucalyptus Mulch to My Garden?

Mid to late spring is typically the best time to put down mulch of any kind as this gives the soil a chance to warm after a cold winter. Mulching too early may slow down the warming process.

You should replenish or replace your mulch as you start to see signs of decomposition, soil erosion and discoloration.

What Are the Benefits?

Organic mulch such as Eucalyptus mulch provides a wide range of benefits to any home garden or commercial landscaping project.

  • In areas with low rainfall, drought conditions or high daytime temperatures, it can prevent water loss and moderate soil temperatures.
  • It reduces soil loss to wind erosion from wind and water.
  • It enriches the soil with nutrient rich organic materials as they decompose.
  • It can be used to suppress weeds.
  • It provides a natural repellent to insects.
  • It looks attractive and provides a neat ‘finishing touch’ to garden beds.

If you want to improve the quality of your soil and provide the optimal conditions for your plants to thrive, organic Eucalyptus mulch is the perfect solution. Bittern Garden supplies offers a wide range of garden mulch and organic compost at affordable prices. For expert advice and high quality landscaping supplies, get in touch with us today on 5983 9779 or enquire online now.