Designing a Coastal Garden

Embracing natural, organic design and featuring a simple and relaxed aesthetic, a well-considered coastal landscape design exudes earthy, warm tones and laid back vibes. Bittern Garden Supplies is a leading supplier of mulch, soil, sand and other high quality products and services for landscaping and gardening projects of all sizes throughout the Mornington Peninsula. For a huge range of rocks, screenings and mulch, Mornington Peninsula locals rely on us for great prices and friendly service. Here we will look at a few tips for creating the perfect coastal garden that will complement your home and enhance your lifestyle.

Relaxed, Informal Design

A reflection of the natural Australian landscape and laid-back lifestyle, a coastal garden should feature gentle, unstructured organic curves which instil a sense of peace and calm. Avoid harsh lines and angles as well as formal symmetry. You should aim for a combination of open spaces and intimate areas that enable a natural flow where you can explore different zones and be immersed within the garden.

Hardy, Robust Plants

It’s best to opt for low-maintenance plant varieties that not only offer movement and texture but are tolerant of sandy soil and harsh winds. Plants with waxy, hairy, and leathery leaves are a sign that they can cope with salty winds. Native coastal plants have adapted to these harsh conditions and are an ideal choice. Coastal grasses, succulents and Australian natives will all blend seamlessly into the coastal theme with their muted tones and interesting textures. Some large native trees can act as windbreakers whilst creating beautiful curves with their branches, adding a unique architectural focal point to your garden design.

Rustic, Organic Elements

Natural, organic elements tie the coastal style together so utilise textured, weathered and natural materials over those that are clean and perfect. Crushed granite and sandstone are perfect for pathways, while weathered timber sleepers are ideal for garden edging, seating or steps. Combining a range of rustic elements such as sand, mulch, pebbles or gravel will give the design a relaxed, earthy feel that is a perfect nod to the natural Australian environment.

The Right Soil

Most soils along the coastline of Victoria are poor, and hold little nutrients and water. Organic matter often needs to be added for soil depth and nutrients, to ensure successful planting. For advice on the best topsoil, Hastings locals and those in surrounding suburbs can get in touch in with our team for an expert recommendation.

A Natural Colour Palette

A coastal garden should blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings, so a muted colour palette works best. Nothing should appear out of place, with everything from hard materials to soft plants working together to achieve a cohesive, minimalist look. Loud, bright colours should be avoided, instead choose soft browns, greys and greens coupled with pops of muted pinks and dusty blues to provide a calm and soothing ambience.

A well-executed coastal garden will age naturally over time, and provide and pleasant, relaxed space that looks beautiful all year round.

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