Crushed Rock – Our Material of Choice for Mornington Peninsula Driveways

When it comes to your Mornington Peninsula property, the driveway is often the first thing people notice so it’s important to make a good first impression. With driveways, the design and material options are endless. At Bittern Garden Supplies, we are the Mornington Peninsula’s local choice for driveway installations and landscaping supplies, and one of our favourite materials for driveway construction is crushed rock. Let’s take a look at why crushed rock is an ideal material for creating a practical and attractive driveway on a budget. 

What is a Crushed Rock Driveway?

A gravel or crushed rock driveway is commonly composed of sand, silt, clay and larger loose aggregates (pebbles and small stones) surrounded by a border of concrete, wood or other material to keep the driveway contained. The loose aggregate can vary in size and colour of the individual stones.

What Are the Advantages of Using Crushed Rock for a Driveway?

Design Flexibility – there are virtually no limitations in terms of how you are able to design the layout of your driveway. Crushed rock can be poured into any shape so you can make your driveway as unique as you like.

Complements Many House Styles – although many people might associate a crushed rock driveway with a rural setting, it can look and function beautifully in any landscape or style of home from traditional to contemporary or cottage.

Low Maintenance – a crushed rock driveway is easy to maintain, with only an occasionally rake, and possibly weeding required. Over time, the crushed rock may need a top up to replace materials lost due to normal wear.

Easy to install – whether you decide to DIY or hire professional help, the installation of crushed rock driveways is relatively fast and easy. Depending on the scale of the project, the driveway can be usually be completed efficiently over a short period of time.

No Cracking – unlike concrete, cracks will not appear in the surface of a crushed rock driveway.

Affordable – a budget-friendly material, the cost of a crushed rock driveway depends largely on the aggregate used. Local gravel will be an affordable option, while gravel stones from further afield may be more expensive but could offer a greater variety of visual appeal.

Immediate Usage – unlike materials such as concrete and asphalt which need to dry and cure before they can be used, you can walk or drive on a crushed rock driveway straight away. As soon as the driveway is completed, you can use it.

How is a Crushed Rock Driveway Installed?

First, the area will need to be excavated and cleared of any debris, it must then be compacted down and a sheet of landscaping fabric should be applied. To stop the gravel moving and to ensure a neat appearance, edging strips of concrete or timber should be installed. A layer of large crushed rock will be poured as a base with a second layer of slightly smaller stones, followed at last by the top layer of crushed stone. The surface should then be raked to ensure it is even be first use.

Crushed rock is the ultimate material for making an affordable and stylish driveway. If you are considering a new driveway for your Mornington Peninsula property, contact the friendly team at Bittern Garden Supplies today. With quick and competitive quotes, professional service and thousands of satisfied customers, there’s a reason we have earned a reputation as the Mornington Peninsula’s leading supplier of landscaping materials and services. Visit us Monday to Saturday 7am until 5pm or call us on (03) 5983 9779.