Crushed Rock Driveway Repairs – Things to Take into Consideration

Driveways don’t last forever, so if your driveway is showing signs of wear and tear as the years have gone by, you might be thinking if you should consider a little maintenance or repairs. Whether it’s a cosmetic update or a more serious structural issue that requires attention, Bittern Garden Supplies is the trusted choice for driveway pavers, crushed rock and excavator hire in Mornington and surrounds. Here we will run through a few important things to think about when considering gravel driveway repairs.

Why Does My Driveway Need Repairs?

Let’s take a look at the problems that have may have caused damage.

Erosion – caused by water runoff, this is one of the main problems that affects crushed rock driveways. It can displace the surface of the driveway and can create low spots that hold water and eventually cause the formation of ruts.

Drainage Issues – if your below ground drainage system is inadequate, excess water may pool on the surface and cause flooding in times of extreme rain and storms. While it’s easy to re-grade the driveway to ensure water runs off in the right direction, it is important to consult an expert in driveway drainage to as they will take into account your soil type, property type and general climate to determine the best solution to keep your driveway in top condition for longer.

Are the Repairs Required for Safety or Aesthetics?

Potholes can cause damage to your vehicles and a surface which has lost its top layer can make cars lose traction, especially on an incline. If the safety of your driveway has been compromised, it’s essential that the problem is rectified quickly. Whether you have one pothole or multiple, they can be easily fixed and, if addressed quickly enough, repairs can prevent future damage. If your driveway is still safe, but it’s just looking a little tired, a freshen up with a new layer of crushed rock can make a world of difference and make your driveway look brand new again. For aesthetic repairs, these are less urgent so you can afford to wait for a convenient time or for good weather conditions to undertake the necessary maintenance.

Should I DIY?

While some repairs can be done by a homeowner, heavy equipment is generally needed to clear or repair certain sections and to spread a thick layer of crushed rock over a large area. If you are thinking about opting for the DIY option, it would be worth your while to consider earthmoving equipment hire. Red hill and Mornington Peninsula properties are known for their large size, so excavator hire can make the job a whole lot quicker and easier. It’s important to be an experienced operator of such machinery, or else you should consider a hiring the services of a professional operator or expert driveway paving contractors.

Repairing Crushed Rock Driveways

Gravel or crushed rock driveways are constructed with a slight crown (a high spot running down the centre) that allows water to run off to both sides. If this has started to drop away, an excavator can re-grade the road with a large blade that pulls gravel back to the centre to recreate the original crown shape. These driveways also require an annual top-up of crushed rock to replace portions of the gravel that have been washed out by heavy rains and water runoff.

For Earthmoving Equipment Hire Red Hill and Mornington Locals Trust

Popular around large country properties on the Mornington Peninsula, gravel or crushed rock driveways are often installed to promote drainage, and are an ideal alternative where the long length of a driveway makes it cost-prohibitive to install asphalt or concrete. These driveways often need maintenance or repairs, and Bittern Garden Supplies can help with earthworks and excavator hire in Mornington, as well as materials and landscaping supplies to get the job done on time and on budget.

If you’re after the delivery of all the driveway repair supplies you need to for a DIY job or to engage the help of professional driveway contractors, call our friendly team on 5983 9779, alternatively you can contact us online.