Choosing the Right Earthmoving Equipment for Your Landscaping Project

From dirt removal and site levelling to digging out pools and installation of irrigation systems, there isn’t many landscaping jobs that wouldn’t benefit from the assistance of modern earthmoving equipment. Not only a cost-effective and time-saving solution, earthmoving equipment coupled with expert operators will ensure a professional finish with minimal manual labour in the shortest time possible. Bittern Garden Supplies has a wide range of high quality earthmoving equipment on the Mornington Peninsula available for projects of all sizes. Read on for our guide to which earthmoving equipment is suitable for your landscaping project.

Types of Earthmoving Equipment Helpful for Landscaping

Excavators – this equipment has the ability to operate in various terrains and surface conditions and is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees for medium to heavy-duty landscaping jobs such as digging out swimming pools. There are also mini excavators that can manoeuver in small and confined areas, perfect for smaller courtyards or yards with limited or tight access.

Backhoe Loaders – perfect for landscaping jobs of all sizes and types, such as digging up trees and moving them to new locations, even keeping the root balls intact. They are also great for moving boulders, rocks and gravel, or moving dirt, backfilling and pushing topsoil into place. Backhoes can also dig fence post holes are suitable for minor excavation jobs, such as digging small ponds and water features.

Bobcats/Skid-steers – one of the most flexible machines used in the landscaping industry. They are great for use in confined areas, as they have the ability to turn within their footprint, minimizing soil compaction. Used for a variety of tasks such as lifting and hauling things around jobsites, such as pallets of pavers, mulch or plants and also useful for loading garden beds full of mulch and topsoil, digging holes to plant trees, prepping soil and minor trenching.

Earthmoving Equipment Can Help with the Below Landscaping Works:

  • Swimming pool dig out
  • Site levelling
  • Site clean
  • Dirt removal
  • Driveway preparation

Bittern Garden Supplies is a leading choice for earthmoving equipment hire on the Mornington Peninsula. Our expert earthmoving contractors can advise you on the right equipment you need to get your project done correctly.

Things to Consider When Hiring Earthmoving Equipment?

Make sure your order the right equipment and the right size machinery for the job. Bigger is not always better. Bigger may mean it is more expensive to hire and transport to site, so unless you can use that extra capacity don’t go for the bigger model. Additionally, machinery that’s too small for the project will be inefficient.

Ensure the equipment is insured. You don’t want to be liable for thousands of dollars should something happen to the equipment.

Hired earthmoving equipment is usually charged at an hourly rate, a daily rate or a monthly rate and often there is a minimum period that the hire company expects to be paid. If you only need the equipment for a couple of hours but you have to pay for a full day, it might be best weigh up whether it is really worth it.

Bittern Garden Supplies are a locally owned and operated business on the Mornington Peninsula providing end-to-end solutions for landscaping, as well as earthmoving hire needs for domestic and commercial clients in Flinders, Somerville and surrounds. With over 15 years’ experience in earthmoving, our local team can tackle a broad range of large or small landscaping and agricultural projects. Contact us today to find out more.