Bobcats – the Ultimate Landscaping Machines

Many people wonder what they can use a Bobcat for, but when it comes to landscaping, Bobcats can be used for almost anything. They are the perfect all-rounder and are suitable for almost any landscaping task from clearing and preparing sites to loading, digging and other minor excavation works. Bittern Garden Supplies is the leading supplier of bobcat hire on the Mornington Peninsula. Here’s our guide to Bobcat hire in Dromana, Moorooduc, Balnarring and surrounding locations.

What is a Bobcat?

A skid steer is a diesel-powered, highly-manoeuvrable earth-moving vehicle with a large bucket on the front. A typical skid steer has four wheels, however, there are models with caterpillar tracks rather than wheels. Skid steers are known as Bobcats after the popular brand. Skid steers/Bobcats are earth movers, rather than diggers. They’re great for landscaping or clearing demolition debris, and have the best manoeuvrability of any machine.

What are They Used for?

Bobcats come in small, medium and large sizes. The smallest is ideal for tight access locations such as the narrow side of the house for a backyard job. Where possible you should choose the largest size, as it will get the job done quicker. Skid steers are the ultimate mini earth-mover, used in landscaping to move soil or rocks, and because they can turn in a small space, they suit even the smallest of yards. Hiring a bobcat at the start of your project to excavate and clean up the property lays the groundwork for the design and construction of planned landscaping features. Bobcats are used to:

  • Prepare a site for new landscaping
  • Clean up a site
  • Level the ground
  • Prepare for turf installation
  • Remove current gardens, turf, fences, trees or retaining walls
  • Move and load soil, gravel, boulders and other landscaping materials

The Benefits of Using Bobcat Machines

  • They can accommodate a variety of attachments – Bobcats can perform numerous landscaping jobs because of the many attachments and accessories available.
  • Maintenance is fast and easy – the large, swing-open tailgate allows easy access to perform checks on the engine, battery, and filters.
  • They are highly reliable – robust and durable, Bobcats can go the extra mile. Made with high quality components and fitted with a vast array of protection features, Bobcats will perform at a high standard in any conditions.
  • Simple to operate – ergonomic operator stations with easy-to-use controls, advanced hydraulic systems, continuous or variable engine speeds, and more.

Do I Need a Licence to Operate a Bobcat?

From January 2012, updated national work health and safety legislation dictated that one does not need to obtain licenses to operate equipment that falls into the earthmoving or particular crane (EPC) machine classes. This includes the following commonly used machinery:

  • Excavator (class LE)
  • Front end loader / backhoe (class LB)
  • Skid steer loader (class LS)
  • Front end loader (class LL)
  • Dozer (LZ)
  • Grader (LG)
  • Scraper (LP)

This means that you don’t need to apply for formal licenses to be able to operate the earthmoving equipment listed above. While you do not need a licence, it is highly recommended that you obtain some training before hiring and operating a Bobcat or any other earthmoving equipment.

Bobcats save you a lot of time, money and energy – they are perfect for simple landscaping tasks such as adding or removing sand and soil, tree transporting, clearing overgrown gardens, levelling soil or for general excavation work. If you require Bobcat hire in Mornington, Dromana, Balnarring and surrounds for a residential or commercial landscape job, contact the expert team at Bittern Garden Supplies today on (03) 5983 9779.