Bobcat Hire – The Best Way to Make Storm Clean-Up Easy

Victoria has had its fair share of unpredictable weather over the last couple of years, with wild storms and devastating floods causing significant damage to homes and businesses. Leaving a trail of destruction, storms and floods can result in a significant issues for landowners. When it comes to clearing vegetation and trees left behind by storms, the right equipment is essential. For Bobcat hire, Mornington Peninsula’s Bittern Garden Supplies is the leading choice. Here’s a few types of machinery that will help to make storm clean up quicker and easier.

The type of equipment for storm damage clean-up will vary based on the nature, size and scope of the damage, most jobs will benefit from the following:

Excavatorsthese versatile machines go almost anywhere and can perform some of the most difficult clean-up projects. Excavators can manoeuvre through difficult terrain, and with different sizes available, they can help to clean up large trees and move significant amounts of dirt and debris. Excavators can also dig holes for re-building foundations and perform trenching to repair and replace damaged underground utility lines and pipes. 

Tipper Trucks – also known as dump tricks, these trucks are extremely powerful and can push through challenging terrain to remove rubbish and deliver much-needed materials such as soil, sand, gravel, or road base.

Dozers and Graders – hard-working and strong machines, these are often used for land clearing which makes them ideal for clearing large amounts of debris and clearing paths in storm affected areas.

Tractorswith the ability to push vast quantities of scattered debris into piles to facilitate the clean-up process, these machines are stable and have excellent traction even on treacherous terrain.

Front Loaders/Bobcats – a versatile, and agile machine that works well in storm-damaged areas. The large bucket lifts and transports debris and loads it onto vehicles for removal.

If you’re cleaning up after a damaging storm or flood, it’s important to have the correct machinery at your disposal to ensure the job is done efficiently and safely. Excavator and Bobcat hire will ensure any dangerous debris is disposed of before it becomes a hazard or causes more damage. If you are not confident to tackle the clean-up yourself, consider wet hire. This is where the machinery is hired with an experienced operator for your convenience.

Has your property experienced extensive damage due to recent storms? Bittern Garden Supplies can help with Bobcat hire. Mornington Peninsula homes and business rely on us for affordable rates and reliable service.  We are here to help you restore your property back to its best!

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