5 Popular Materials to Pave Your Driveway

Often overlooked as a landscaping feature, the humble driveway is often the first thing people notice about your home or property. Not only providing a welcoming entrance, a well-considered driveway adds to the visual appeal and kerb appeal of the whole home and should complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of your property. If you are building, renovating or re-landscaping and want to update or upgrade your driveway you might have found there are many options available when it comes to paving it. For landscaping supplies and driveways Mornington Peninsula locals trust, Bittern Garden Supplies is the number one choice. Let’s have a look at a few common materials that are popular options for many Australian driveways.


A cost-effective and practical driveway paving option, concrete is a very versatile material that can achieve a variety of looks to suit almost any home. Strong and durable, concrete can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements, however it may crack over time. Low maintenance and easy to clean, concrete can be plain and simple or stained and stamped with different patterns, designs and colours depending on the look you want to achieve.

Exposed Aggregate

Textural and visually impressive, exposed aggregate is a type of concrete finish, obtained by removing a thin layer from the top of laid concrete to reveal the natural textures and colours of the pebbles, shells, stones and/or sand near the surface. Exposing the aggregates can be done by simple brushing and washing, using a chemical surface retarder, or by abrasive blasting. Durable and low maintenance, it is available in a range of aggregate mixes resulting in various colour and texture combinations to suit any property. These driveways don’t require much maintenance, just a clean with a hose or pressure washer, and a reseal every three to five years.

Bluestone Pavers

A form of sandstone, bluestone pavers are a more expensive option but create an elegant finish. Available in a wide range of earthy colours including slate grey, brown, red, and of course blue, bluestone can be cut into various shapes and sizes providing a variety of looks to suit the shape and style of almost any driveway. Perfect for country or contemporary homes, bluestone is a beautiful material that is robust and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Installation can be labour-intensive as it requires excavation, a paver base such as sand, crushed rock, or cement and then sand to fill the spaces between the pavers. Finally, it needs to be sealed for maximum longevity.


Bricks, or clay brick pavers have been used as a building material for centuries and are a popular choice for driveways. One of the more expensive options, installation of a brick driveway can be labour-intensive and time consuming however the result is a path that is rich in colour, texture and character. Available in a range of earthy tones and shapes, and with the ability to be laid in different patterns such as herringbone, basket weave, and stretcher bond, bricks are ideally suited to heritage and older homes but can add a touch of charm and luxury to a modern property also. Brick pavers can chip or crack over time. However, with the correct base of sand and crushed rock, they can stand the test of time and even look better as they age. Made from all natural materials, brick pavers are a great eco-friendly choice as they can be recycled, cleaned and reused.


Inexpensive and easy to install, a gravel driveway is constructed from loose aggregate with a border of concrete, timber or another material to keep the driveway contained. Ideal for long driveways and large parking areas, gravel is available in a wide range of colours and sizes to complement any home or property. Better suited to flatter areas, gravel driveways require a little maintenance and intermittent upkeep such as an occasional rake and weeding. You may need to top up the gravel to replace lost material and regrade yearly to keep it looking its best.

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