5 Gardening Jobs You Should Do This Spring

Spring has sprung and it’s a great time to get outdoors, weed, feed and get your garden looking its best in time for summer and the festive season. Bittern Garden supplies is the Mornington Peninsula’s leading supplier of landscaping and garden materials and we have everything you need to give your garden a spruce up. Let’s have a look at 5 things you should be doing to your garden this spring.

Weed and Prune

Any weeds appearing in your garden beds will be easiest to pull now, when the roots are shallow so get outside and get your gardening gloves on. Once weeded, use black plastic sheeting to cover the garden beds, this will suppress emerging weeds. Spray areas that are weed prone and often overlooked such as pathways and paved areas and pull out any early weeds from ponds or water features. Remove any dead flowers and prune any frost-damaged growth. Clip back any wayward shrubs that are fast-growing and summer-flowering by one third.

Look After Your Lawn

Rake the lawn to remove dead growth and winter debris, this will help to bring light and air to the soil level, encouraging the grass to grow. If you haven’t yet cut the lawn, it’s due for a mow if the grass is 7-8cm in height. Trim edges for a neat and tidy appearance and re-seed bare patches. Make sure you keep the lawn well-watered until seeds germinate and the new grass is established.

Feed and Fertilise

Use a slow-release fertiliser over your entire garden, this will be deeply absorbed into the soil when it rains, encouraging strong growth and flowering. Apply a complete lawn food to all grass-covered areas and liquid fertiliser to early plantings. Spring is a great time for citrus so ensure you feed any citrus before they start flowering.

Mulch Garden Beds

In preparation for the warmer weather ahead, mulch the whole garden to insulate it against the hot summer heat. When adding mulch to garden beds or around the base of fruit trees, keep it a few centimetres away from tree trunks and stems of plants. This will help reduce rot on the stems of young plants and will protect the bark of young fruit trees. A layer of mulch should be at least 5 centimetres in thickness. Covering bare spots with mulch or ground cover will also minimize the emergence of new weeds. If you are looking for black mulch, leaf mulch, eucalyptus mulch & many more quality mulch products for your garden, Bittern Garden Supplies has the largest range of mulch to provide nutrition and improve the quality of your soil.

Plant and Re-pot Flowers

Ensure your garden is prepared to accommodate any new plantings. Plant seedlings in garden beds, large pots and containers and re-pot into larger pots if required. If you are re-using an old pot, be sure to freshen up the potting mix. Plant early-flowering spring annuals for an instant colour injection to your garden. Spring is the perfect time to plant herbs such as basil and parsley and vegies like snowpeas, cucumbers and tomatoes in readiness for summer.

With spring in the air there’s no better time to get back outside and tidy up your garden after a long cold winter. If you need mulch, sand, soil and other landscaping and gardening supplies visit the experienced team at Bittern Garden Supplies Mornington Peninsula now. Open Monday to Saturday, 7am until 5pm, our expert staff are on hand to offer great advice and friendly service to help you get your garden looking great again. Get in touch 5983 9779.