5 Creative Ideas for Exposed Aggregate Driveways

An exposed aggregate concrete driveway, with the right combination of pebbles and pigments is the ideal way to complement your home’s design, and it is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective and durable options. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but exposed aggregate also offers a safe and slip-free surface on which to drive, ride, and walk on in any weather conditions. There are many combinations of exposed aggregate to choose from, read on for a few creative ideas that will ensure a show-stopping driveway result.

Make it Shimmer

Broadcast decorative polished glass, stones, or other luminescent material into the concrete as this will achieve a shimmery and sparkly effect whenever sunlight shines on it. Perfect for coastal homes and homes which are looking for a driveway solution that is a little bit special.

Contrast White and Black

White concrete is rising in popularity in the design world, ending the reliance on traditional grey concrete. For the best of both worlds, and to create a truly unique look, use a combination of white concrete with black or dark aggregate stones. This look complements modern and monochromatic homes perfectly, but this type of visual contrast will suit almost any architectural style of home.

Increase the Amount of Stones

Most aggregate mixes contain smaller aggregates such as sand and gravel, mainly due to the fact that these are the materials that help the mix stay together and create a slip-resistant surface. However, for a more dramatic result, increase the number of larger stones and pebbles in the mix. This will create a rough, textural finish that will set your driveway apart from other exposed aggregate versions.

Incorporate A Stamped Pattern Or Artistic Design

You can do this by imprinting a design while the concrete is still pliable and then exposing the aggregate around it once the concrete is hard enough to withstand washing. You could also frame your exposed aggregate driveway with stamped concrete, plain concrete, pavers, or timber sleepers. The possibilities are endless.

Mix and Match

For a beautiful, bespoke look, why not use different designs on different parts of your driveway? You could highlight the entrance to your home with a dark and dramatic finish and choose a more neutral look for the area closer to the street. An expert driveway designer will be able to help you with the perfect plan.

Exposed aggregate driveways look great and offer a vast array of practical benefits. They also offer opportunity for homeowners to creatively play around with the colour and aggregates to design a completely customised look.

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